How does creating a custom fragrance work? This is an excellent question! In my opinion, there are no rules in composing a perfume. However, there is a method.

With 150+ single fragrance notes to choose from in the Fume Studio, the possibilities are unlimited. The simplest way to narrow down the multitude of choices is to hone in on what you love. There are a few basic fragrance categories that we use to determine what you like: Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Woodsy, Herbal, or Gourmand (vanilla, chocolate, honey). Most people have fragrance categories that they are innately attracted to, or that they do not like.

Once the ideal categories have been determined, we begin your aromatic expedition! You will smell several fragrance notes that you will either select to try in your perfume or eliminate. When you have narrowed down your choices, I will begin to build the fragrance on your skin.

Your body chemistry, which is as unique to you as a fingerprint, is the final ingredient in your blend and will largely determine the direction of the completed formulation. When your formulation is perfect, I will keep it on file for easy reordering.

Engage your curiosity and allow me to escort you through the magnificent amalgamation of science, art and rarity that has enchanted the world for thousands of years.

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