“ We see only when there is light enough, taste only when we put things in our mouths, touch only when we make contact with someone or something, hear sounds that are loud enough. But we smell always and with every breath”. Diane Ackerman- Author, Poet, Naturalist

Our sense of smell profoundly effects the way we experience the world around us, and yet, our relationship with fragrance is often ambient, at best. The sense of smell is housed in our limbic system, the place in our brains where our emotions are stored. Have you ever smelled something familiar and been instantly transported back in time to the moment where you first encountered that smell? Scent can immediately transport us to the woodland walks of our childhood, or our grandmother’s kitchen where we would bake cookies using her secret recipe. It is deeply intimate and powerfully instinctive.

I’ve have created fragrance for a client who wanted a fragrance that “smelled like the rain on a Terra Cotta tile in Santa Fe”.

I had a client insist on a fragrance that “smelled like the Devil’s Library”. He ended up with a blend of Leather, Chocolate, Tobacco, Coffee, Cassis, and Cinnamon.

Through the process of formulating a fragrance with my clients, I like to create an awareness of the olfactory world and how it can shape and impact our everyday lives. It is my goal to compose a fragrance for you that weaves together your fondest olfactory memories while accentuating your favorite scents in an absolutely unique aromatic expression of you!



Our Story

I have been a perfumer for 28 years and I am more in love with creating fragrance now than I have ever been. My best girlfriend and I apprenticed at a perfumery in Boston for several years while we attended college. After I graduated, I traveled and moved around ultimately settling in Seattle. I opened my first fragrance business in a walk-in closet that I had converted into a fragrance studio complete with views of Lake Washington and the majestic Cascade Mountains. After 5 years there, I moved back to Boston to open a store on the same street where I had begun my aromatic journey. In my third year on Newbury Street, I had my beautiful daughter, Skylar, whose arrival meant a move to Boston’s South End where I transformed the boiler room of an old piano factory into an appointment only fragrance studio.

We moved to Phoenix to be closer to my family in 2004 and I had a fragrance studio in Old Town Scottsdale for a year and then I took some time to savor being a mom. I have always kept a supplementary lab in my home so I could continue my practice.

My love for this art and its never-ending ability to astonish and delight is indelibly written across the walls of my soul.